A big thank you!

Date: 28 November 2016

This is to acknowledge all who made this journey enjoyable. It has been an exciting moment for me and for sure it could not have been done without many of you. First and foremost is to thank my wife, Anne for the sacrifice. It is a big sacrifice to see me off for 7 weeks and still continue supporting me all through the process. This is not a small gesture. Thank you Anne! The rest of the gang, Jayden, Lexxy, Stacy and Joan, thanks you for your prayers and the sacrifice you took by dad being away for all that long.
The Board and the Team at KCIC, this was not doable without your blessings as well as the support that you provided to me. Mine is to say that the value for our organization will be more than 300 times, this was a good investment! In addition, the surprise by the staff with a gift has humbled me and once again thank you guys!
The entire Eisenhower fellowship trustees, management and staff, thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Eisenhower fellowship family. You did it and as stated by one of the trustees  and a new friend, Keith Wheelock, “…You have gotten it right! Please soldier on…” More specifically for the Eisenhower fellowship team, President, George de Lama, your leadership is exceptional, you have made dreams of many to come true and we are not going to disappoint. I have already taken my candle and am ready to light the world. Mama Grace Cooke my great program officer, you are just the best! That program was amazing. We got the meetings with the superstars! (you know what am talking about). Jane Grabias for believing that I could two marathons and still be in the fellowship and Monica Steigerwald for the encouragement as well as EF T-shirt. It did the magic to get to personal best at the New York marathon.
For my fellow Fellows, it was a great experience and I wonder how it could have been without you guys. You challenged, provided great insights and encouraged me all the way. Keep it up guys and let us take our candles and light the world!
Relatives, friends and friends of friends that I met during my journey in the various cities and in Kenya, thank you for encouraging me and making my life comfortable. You have no idea how that kept me strong and focused.
For all of you in this forum as well as on my social media platforms, thank you for following me on the journey as well as your kind comments. You made me aim higher. I am accountable to you guys as you form part of my clan and together we will change the World.
Finally, a big thank you for our Mighty God for seeing me though the journey as well as the future ahead of us.
Now the real journey of changing the world has started. I have to think of a way of having you engaged in the journey going forward. Please watch this space as the future unfolds. Ideas and insights are most welcome!

Edward Mungai