Success Measure Dimension Number 8: Adventure/Fun

Date: 04 November 2016

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is so true and hence the 8th form of wealth is adventure or having fun. This is so important as it makes us to refuel and to be able to aim of the other forms of wealth. Adventure does not have to cost a lot of money.

Having a good time with my loved one in our garden helps me refuel and yet it costs me nothing. It is important to pack all other priorities and just be in the moment and have fun. Some have asked me why I run, among other reasons it is for fun. It part of the adventure for me and a way to fuel. In other words it is my drug! So next time when you bump into me in Karura forest, just know that I hitting two forms of wealth, that is physical and adventure. Guys get yourselves some holiday and have some really good fun. 

When is the last time you spent time with your loved ones without any specific agenda but to unwind and have fun? I really admire going to Uhuru Park in Nairobi and observing what is going around there. It is also a form of adventure friends observing other and getting away with some lessons. If you have not done this, please go and see it for yourself how Kenyans of goodwill are enjoying themselves. On the contrary, the elite are complaining that they do not have enough resources to get to unwind. What a way to get some good adventure! As you plan your days, weeks months and years, ensure to have some adventure looped in as it will be helpful in letting you achieve your other forms of wealth.

Edward Mungai