Success Measure Dimension Number 6: Finances

Date: 04 November 2016

I am sure many of you have been wondering at what priority will I put finances. Finance is a necessary requirement but not a sufficient one. Therefore, money or finances will not provide us with happiness and hence in the priority this ranks as number 6. Money is important in life as it makes life easier and better. 

Money allows you to live in a nice home, take beautiful vacations and provide well for those you love. Stop wondering what I mean… Money will only be useful if the other 5 priorities are in place and aligned. What about those people with a lot of money but their health is in shambles, their families are suffering due to the money and the unending search for more, their relationship with God is that of minimalism? The answer is that life get out of balance. On the contrary when you have a balance on the other 5 priorities namely, Spiritual relationship with your God, physical health, family, internal health and career all else will be grand and chances are that you will leave a happy life. 

Please do not get me wrong money is important. Unfortunately, most of us have put money as number one reason for existence and we end up existing and not living. This leads to miserable life’s for ourselves and those that we love. For us men, we are out in the bars, golf clubs, watching soccer and making deals with friends that will lead to more money. As we pretend to be making money, we are having Tusker Baridi, NyamaChoma, God is forgotten in our life, kids and wife at home are praying hard we come home and our careers are messed up and before we know it our life’s are over. 

Friends, the best investment we can make is not land, is not the nice cars, is not properties but to our families and especially our kids education. When you invest in your kid’s education, you are investing for your grand children.
As noted, Money is good but only as a number 6!

 Edward Mungai