A dream without action is an illusion.

Date: 05 October 2016


Today was kind of the official start of the program and this was marked by detailed introductions of all the fellows both the African fellows, the 25 of us and 10 USA fellows who are headed to China. The room was a tiny room and was filled up with the fellows and some of the trustee of the fellowship. This was the most inspirational room I have ever been in. People shared their stories and what they want to do after the fellowship and man! The African continent is on a transformation path and Business and leadership is seen to be the key to all the leading innovations happening in the continent. Courtesy of the Eisenhower fellowship.

All of us want to move to significance and this will be done through giving back selflessly to our continent. The theme was almost the same as Yesterday’s, WE THE PEOPLE have the key to changing Africa. As a gesture from the Eisenhower fellowship, one gets a key to the Eisenhower house. The key has two significances; one, it is a key to change open the doors that will change the world and two, whenever you are in Philadelphia you have a place to visit and somebody will be ready for you no matter what.

Key lessons from yesterday’s session:

  • The African dream is valid and we will achieve it if WE as the citizens takes individual responsibility of not asking what is it in for me, but being there to help and to give! All the individuals have great plans to give back to our continent.
  • To deliver results, you have to be super inspired and you must have a dream and action towards the dream. A dream without action is an illusion and the team showed me this is true colors…... so let us get moving!
  • Small baby steps will make the deal happen. We have to look at the big picture and break it into pieces that we can manage and before we realize it we will have arrived to a place called success. This morning I attend mass as which I try to every day and it is a great coincidence that it was the feast of St. Francis of Assisi and what a great example in line with this learning that he did small things and to use the words of the priest this morning, Franciscans are now like rats in the world.
  • So the short of it is, let us live our dreams and we will change our world, not for our benefits but for the benefits of the future generations whom we have borrowed the world from. When you see next time, please ask me how you can help in building this movement where am proclaiming that the citizens need to be connected with the private sector to help government deliver better livelihoods to WE THE PEOPLE and at the same time make tons and tons of money…. That is what I call responsible Business and leadership.