Issue 1: My Eisenhower Journey

Date: 28 September 2016

Starting Monday 3 October 2016, I will be embarking in a 6 weeks program under the African Eisenhower Fellowship 2016. I will be sharing my stories with you. I am introducing the program and myself on this first issue as part of the countdown. Happy reading!

My Eisenhower Fellowship Journey
October/November 2016

Join me Edward Mungai EF as I travel to the United Sates of America for 6 weeks in search of knowledge, tools and networks that will help me change the world through corporate sustainability; impact investment and business & leadership transformation for youth and women.

The trip takes me to over 12 cities in USA such as Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Nashville, LA; Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. I will also have the opportunity to attend a policy course in the prestigious Rand College in LA not to mention the 3-day vacation at Grand Canyon all through the generosity of the Eisenhower Fellowship.
I will also be visiting some of the leading US institutions such as Wharton University, Harvard University. CleantechLA, Nike headquarters etc

 Plus I have an opportunity to further my running hobby, this reminds me that I am  not just a father but a father & marathoner……..I will be running two  major marathons in 6 weeks, the Chicago Marathon and the New York Marathon.

Am sure you are wondering who is this Edward Mungai?
Well, Edward is the husband to the gorgeous Anne Mbucho and father to smiling Joan (20), curious Stacy (12), lovely Anna Lexxy (7) and bouncy Jayden(7 months), a team of energetic chaps who are  really looking forward to the juicy stories from dad on this USA trip. Anna Lexxy wishes was that it is Switzerland, which according to her is the land of candy and chocolate.

On my career, I lead the push for clean technologies in Kenya through Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) which provides incubation, capacity building and financing to entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions in energy, water, and agribusiness. Currently, KCIC is supporting over 133 green businesses, which directly employ 2,100 people. These companies provide 80,000 people with low-carbon sources of energy, mitigating more than 250,000 tons of carbon dioxide, and deliver clean water to 8,000 households.

As part of the fellowship, I plan to develop an Africa Center for Sustainability Leadership together with likeminded partners such as the Strathmore Business School in Nairobi. The initiative will engage leading international organizations and the private sector to develop future generations of leaders committed to advancing Africa’s corporate sustainability practices.
The fellowship Journey started about 2 years ago when I decided that this dream was worth the push.

A great lesson from this is that “Learning to open the taps of your imagination leads to abundance & success unlimited”. As Grant Cordone says……. Dream 10X and Action 10X…… this has been possible! Out of over 800 African leaders I was chosen among the 25 who will be flying the African flag in the USA in the next 6 weeks! I have filled a green book on this one and still going.....(green is the color of my journal in 2016)
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Through my Eisenhower Fellowship experience I will be exploring how to engage leading local and international organizations as well as the private sector to develop future generations of leaders and companies committed to advancing Africa’s corporate sustainability practices.

I will be sharing the insights as well as the learning that I get along the way, and stories of the people and places that I will interact with. I want you to you join me on this exciting journey and hopefully you will join the movement of making our world a better place though sustainable production and consumption.
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