Date: 01 August 2018

As a father & marathoner, here is what i can say about health a measure of success. Health is the crown that only the sick can see! Our health is the second most important wealth form that we can have under the sun. We should all endeavor to make sure we are health and we keep health because if we loose it, we loose everything.

Fortunately, there are some lifestyle diseases that we can keep away by making a choice. This is the category that am more focused on and aimed at ensuring that we do not give lifestyle diseases a chance in pour life. This is all through choices and the best way is through diet as well as exercises.

As a priority number two I try to build this two items in my life and ensure that I run a few tens of kilometer each week, go to the gym a few times a week as well as checking what am eating. To do these things does not require tons of money but dedication and discipline which we all get for free. It is more of making a choice and please note that not taking a choice is also a choice.

My encouragement is that let get moving and take as a priority as it matters. Otherwise without health all will be in the shadows. Today I am going to leave you with a quote which I hold very dear and no wonder the marathons..... “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” John F. Kennedy