Climate Change

A big thank you!

This is to acknowledge all who made this journey enjoyable. It has been an exciting moment for me and for sure it could not have been done without many of you. First and foremost is to thank my wife, Anne for the sacrifice. It is a big sacrifice to see...

28 Nov 2016

The closure of phase one of the Eisenhower Fellowship!

nitiation to the fellowship which started seven weeks ago has come to an end. This marks the end of the USA journey but also marks the start of a life long fellowship. The biggest question now is what next? But before that, let us look into the closure rituals of...

25 Nov 2016

Success Measure Dimension Number 8: Adventure/Fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is so true and hence the 8th form of wealth is adventure or having fun. This is so important as it makes us to refuel and to be able to aim of the other forms of wealth. Adventure does...

04 Nov 2016

Success Measure Dimension Number 7: Friends

Friends are the seventh form of wealth. Our friends have a huge influence on our behaviors, our actions and our other 6 forms of wealth. It is therefore important that we should view our friends as a form of wealth and ensure that we keep our friendships. 

Research shows that,...

04 Nov 2016

Success Measure Dimension Number 6: Finances

I am sure many of you have been wondering at what priority will I put finances. Finance is a necessary requirement but not a sufficient one. Therefore, money or finances will not provide us with happiness and hence in the priority this ranks as number 6. Money is important in...

04 Nov 2016