Corporate Sustainability

Climate change the missing link in Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is the long-term development blueprint that aims to transform Kenya into a middle income country by 2030.
The Vision is being implemented through a series of successive five-year Medium Term Plans (MTPs) the first implemented from 2008-2012; the second ends this year from 2013.
The Vision...

20 Apr 2017

Corporate Africa owes continent doing good beyond occasional CSR activities

Majority of the African states are celebrating golden jubilee of gaining independence. There has been a lot of progress and a lot of the African governments have done great at improving the livelihoods of citizens and that is real philanthropy in Africa. I must quickly note that there is still...

07 Feb 2017

Scaling climate innovations in Africa

In September 2012, Kenya Climate Innovation center was launched as the first of seven incubators that were set to be launched by the World Bank. The aim of the Center was to help entrepreneurs and innovators to come up with innovations that would provide the private sector with the...

30 Jan 2017

Why doing good should be top business agenda in 2017

Business executives and especially those in the C-suites have 12 pristine months to make a difference first and foremost to their shareholders but more importantly to stakeholders.The corporate sustainability agenda needs to be key in any business in 2017 as the current global trend is for companies to...

17 Jan 2017

Why HDI matters more than GDP for the sustainability manager in sustainable development

Traditionally, the Gross Domestic Product(GDP) has been used to measure the economic development of a given country. Many corporate strategists have been using the the GDP table to determine places with good potential for expansion of their businesses. GDP per capita only gives an estimate of the overall level of...

16 Jan 2017