Date: 24 April 2017

Yesterday I was running one of the biggest marathon and the most coveted- Virgin London Marathon! It is not an easy task considering that youhave to run 42 kilometersor 26.2 miles none stop! What I can tell you is that it is great fun to be in a group of over 40K people whose goal is to get to the finish line. As well as hundred of thousands of spectators cheering you to finish the journey.

There is a lot of business& leadership lessons that we can take away from a marathon and as I did my run I was reflecting on the same and here are the five lessons from a marathon;

Lesson 1: Dreaming and setting goals

Dreaming and goal setting is the maestro for leadership. As a leader there is need to have big dreams and aim to have them achieved. One thing is to have the dreams and the other is to action toward those dreams. This only happened when one breaks down the dreams into actionable points. 10X dreams calls for 10X actions. And dreams without executionis mereillusion. How many people will want to run marathon but because of the lack of action and resistance or lack of the will they do not do it? How many more dreams do you have but you have not realized them. What a good example of dream and action as illustrated in the best seller, Alchemist (This is a must read for all those souls who have dreams!)

Lesson 2: Discipline and commitment 

Discipline and commitmentform the basis of goal achievement. One must be ready to die for their goals. As they say, if you have no cause to die for, you better die. A good read here is the 5 second ruleby Mel Robbins—what am amazing simple rule that guarantee you success.  The discipline and commitment should help one to always think about self improvement and doing better than last time. Our bodies are incredible machines that yarn for success. They just need to be stretched and the results due to self improvement will be evident. The worst evil though is resistance and this will always be with us. Remember resistance is the most toxic force on the planet. The war of Art by Steven Pressfield is a good guide to avoid resistance. As one execute leadership, there is need to have the ‘flow” which can be defined as the state when body, mind and soul are at a balance. Without this, we will be struggling to achievement as the case is when there is imbalance of the three during the 42KM long run.

Lesson 3: Big picture in small bits

Focus on the bigger picture is key and this will be about the vision. Just like in business leadership wat matters is the execution of the vision in small pieces. Like the marathon, the thought of running 42 KM is not a reasonable one but if onebreaks the run in to 8 equal pieces of about 5-6 KM each, the journeybecomes manageable. The same should apply to our goals, we should break them in to smaller components that will ensure we keep on being focused.

Lesson 4: Celebrate achievement and give back

The finish line in the marathon is not the key highlight, the highlight is what you get to seen en-route. If you do not enjoy the journey and save the joy for the finish, you will miss a lot and hence it is always even in our daily lives and leadership to enjoy the journey and to climax at the finish or achievement of the goal. In life we need to celebrate the small wins and this will give us the momentum to continue with the difficult tasks.

Lesson 5: Give back where you can

Impact is key to our lives. As leader the key question is how many lives did you change. How many leaders did you make? It is there fore critical as we savorthrough leadership we look into the opportunity fortransforming the lives of others. Remember when you were born, the whole world rejoiced, when you die, you need to rejoice and the worlds to cry for you will have touched the lives of many. As I was running the race, the thoughts of the kids that poor and bright kids that I support once in a while came into me and I got more energy to push along. I did it for “One Cause”

Embedding the above five principles in out life will guarantee better lifestyle and better livelihoods for those who matters to us. I will therefore encourage each one of us to re-look at our visions, dream bigger and aim to have even more action toward the goals come the following year, we will all see the results.